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My father, George "Shane" Korey, began by taking trips out of Jax to Las Vegas, most notably the "Old" Aladdin, the Tropicana, and The Flamingo.

It was not unusual back then to run into celebrities on these excursions. I have ridden the elevator with Rodney Dangerfield (he looked really bummed out, so he must have had a bad night at the tables!), sat next to Cheryl Tiegs at a concert, watched a television shooting of "Charlies Angel's" with Dean Martin, Farah Faucett, etc, partied with the Little River Band, had Boz Scaggs luggage delivered to my room, and played craps with Ike Turner - to name a few..

Back then you HAD to wear a dinner jacket to the gourmet restaurants! And most people in the CASINOS were very well dressed! If you tipped the doorman $10, you could get the front row at a show, and pretty much EVERYONE you saw was at least 21.

Things are a bit different now:

There are kids EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Everyone wears shorts, sandals, t-shirts
And if you don't buy your show tickets in advance good luck and God Bless.

We still manage to have fun though! :^)

Ours is still one of the few Junket businesses that personally accompanies the groups and stay with them on our trips (that would be myself, or if you are lucky, my beautiful daughter - Layla).

We hope to see you on a trip soon!

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We hope to see you on a trip soon! Feel free to call me for more info. Thank you, and GOOD LUCK!!!

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